Heritage Database Hosting

When it comes to heritage database hosting, we use an open source web platform called Arches. Funded and managed by the Getty Conservation Institute, Arches is a full-featured inventory platform that can act as both a secure repository for your historic data, and a sophisticated data collection application for future historic preservation work. To learn more about Arches, visit archesproject.org.

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Service Levels


not a long-term solution, but great for exploring Arches' capabilities

$10/month - $100/year

  • Basic Arches installation on shared server

  • Create, model, and populate your own database

  • Subdomain at *.legiongis.com

  • No user sign-up, no SSL encryption, no custom home page



we'll get you started, you get to take over

$50/month - $500/year

  • Basic Arches installation on dedicated server

  • SSH access (VPN recommended)

  • All customization up to you - feel free to add SSL, etc.



long-term hosting for public databases

First deployment - $3,500/yr + $1,000 installation fee

Additional deployments - $2,000/yr + $300 installation fee

  • Custom domain with SSL encryption

  • Basic home page customization

  • Regular database backups

  • User signup


About our hosting strategies...

We host our Arches deployments on Amazon Web Services, using a distributed architecture that optimizes security, performance, and affordability for our clients.