Legion Into The Winter

It's been a long time coming, but a big update to our website is finally here. We have spent the last week mercilessly making improvements and changes. You may also notice an update to our "Team" page (now called "background")...

In September, we (technically "we" could say "I" at this point) watched as Brendan began school at the UW-Madison, and the LLC partnership became an LLC sole proprietorship. Legion GIS owes a lot to Brendan; he was instrumental in all of our summer projects, and continues to be a great resource as we finish our karst-geology related work with the Crawford Stewardship Network and a splendid bike map of Vernon County. Also, he made that great banner image on our home page (perhaps he can write a guest blog post about it someday!).

As Brendan heads to school, Adam has headed south and brought the business with him. This is, as hinted at earlier in the year, the commencement of Phase 2. That's why we have a new logo. We have engaged the thrusters.

As for business news, we will be co-presenting at the Association for Preservation Technology conference in San Antonio this coming week about our work on Arches with Carrie Barton of PRESERVE/scapes. This will be followed-up in 2017 with co-authorship of an article in the APTi Bulletin, an exciting opportunity. We also have big plans to retro-actively post about our work over the last year. We've done quite a few projects, each one a little different from the last, each with its own challenges. So, stay tuned, and thanks for checking in!