Our Website Is Up & Running


After many hours of wrangling, configuring, contemplating, reconfiguring, and retemplating (!) we are ready to launch our website. You could call it a pre-branding, as the format and lack of logo could stand some attention, but overall we're pretty happy with it. In the future we'll also write about how we're generating and hosting this site, but first things first: Thank you for checking out our new business!

Legion GIS, LLC is a small member-managed partnership adventure. If you look at our services page, you'll see that collaboration and knowledge-sharing are integral to our mission, and we mean that on many levels. In the future you can look forward to blog posts not only about maps, web development, and spatial data, but also accounting, history, and maybe even taxes if we're in the mood. Definitely some actual fun stuff too.

We'd like to think of this as the beginning of Phase 1. Through collaboration with the wonderful Valley Stewardship Network, we've been granted the opportunity to embed our office within a new endeavor of their own: a citizen-oriented GIS resource center located in downtown Viroqua, Wisconsin. Our presence in the new space on Main St. will help the VSN get their vision off the ground, and will give us the best environment possible to test our instructive and facilitative capacity. Much more about that to come.

Phase 2 is will begin at the end of the summer, when we expect to find ourselves hurtling toward a multitude of new Opportunities and Explorations. More on that to come as well.

After working as independent contractors, we are both very excited to be a real business. We even have a checkbook, and have plans to buy an embosser with our logo on it, once we have a logo.

So, before you leave, be sure to learn a little about the services we offer, which is where you can also take a look at some of our team's past work. And, most of all, please get in touch with us! We are always happy to get your feedback, questions, and random thoughts.

Hope to see you coming back,
--Legion GIS, LLC