What We Do

We provide a variety of geospatial services...

Cartographic Products

Static maps for brochures, events, and professional reports.

See tag: Cartography

Historical Map Applications

We host and maintain oldinsurancemaps.net, a crowdsourcing platform for georeferencing historical maps online, specifically items from the Library of Congress' Sanborn Map Collection.

We can add new maps to the platform for you or your staff to georeference, or we can enhance certain pieces of the underlying open source software, github.com/mradamcox/loc-insurancemaps, to fit your needs.

See tag: Historical Maps

Arches Support & Hosting

We have been heavily involved with the open source cultural heritage inventory system Arches since 2016, creating and hosting custom implementations of the platform for many different clients, and contributing significantly to the official documentation.

At the moment, we are not taking on new Arches projects, but continue to be active on the community forum, and maintain a few existing implementations.

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Web Maps & Databases

We build interactive web maps to embed on your website, or be hosted in a standalone location. This work can often include database design and hosting, as we can publish your own data, or incorporate external mapping services into what we create.

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Geospatial Data Management

Need help transforming or managing your GIS data? We can create one-off scripts or comprehensive ETL data pipelines to help you out.

See tag: Python